Corporate Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Role-player

As well as work as an Actor and Theatre director, Eliot also works in the business and corporate training sector as a presenter, trainer, facilitator and coach, as an actor in role play, real play and forum theatre and as a director and event Manager.

Eliot has a good deal of experience working directly with clients as a corporate presenter at Trade shows and as an actor in Business training videos. He has presented at Olympia and the NEC for companies such as HP Invent, Teleware and and Alcatel and he also works extensively as a freelancer role-player and facilitator for a number of business training providers. 

In the last few years he has undertaken work with clients that include Jaguar Land Rover in the UK, Slovakia and China, Heathrow Airport, the H&S Executive, Tom Tom in the Netherlands, Anglian Water, Staropramen, British American Tobacco, EDF, The Natural History Museum, Schroders and Lego. He has a strong working relationship with CentreStage, the Healthy Work Company and is an associate actor with Reuben Feels He has also Event managed numerous campaigns for companies such as Kreate and Mash.

Personal Statement and Ethos

"I am someone that can be relied upon and I pride myself on having an excellent work ethic, being a team player, turning up on time and always being friendly, organised, well presented and on top of my brief. I’m attentive and focused, never forgetting that I’m an ambassador for the company that I’m working for. I will always go the extra mile to be flexible and accommodating to last minute changes to the brief or on the spot feedback from clients. I hold the work I do in high esteem thinking of it as an interesting part of my career rather than just something to do between acting jobs. I tailor my energy to the needs and demands of individual clients working with enthusiasm and bringing I hope, a calm, easy professionalism to the job.

I am able to tailor my work to the demands of the corporate/training environment making sure that I am able to support the learning objectives of a particular programme and always focussing on the needs of the participant, seeking to support and develop their learning ahead of any notions of ‘my performance’ to ensure maximum results. I also have excellent recall ability meaning that I am able to give detailed feedback to the participant in as an objective way as possible. I’m quick witted, with excellent improvisational skills, business experience and vocabulary and am able to stay in character and respond authentically and realistically within the confines of a given role or brief and the dynamics of the situation. I also have the ability to be present during role/real play while at the same time being able to recall what the participants did and the way they behaved enabling me to give constructive and objective feedback based on observation. I’m also experienced in coaching clients in public speaking, body language and in dealing with challenging situations and conversations within the business environment should this be required and appropriate."

Eliot's full C.V. can be found here,