Trailer : In and Out of Chekhov's Shorts

Director and Adaptation : Eliot Giuralarocca Music and Arrangements : Tom NeillProduction/Set Design : Victoria Spearing

Lighting Design : Charlotte McClelland Stage Manager : Paul Thomas Cast : Graham Dalling, Eliot Giuralarocca, Tom Neill, Laura Singleton, Elisabeth Snegir 

2019 Touring Dates : September & October

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Chekhov is one of the great writers of the 20th Century and these tales, newly adapted and directed by Eliot Giuralarocca, remain as memorable and bracing as jumping into a cold plunge pool after a hot sauna!

Available for booking in Autumn 2019, the show, performed by a company of five, is designed to appeal to a mainstream theatre audience as well as lovers of the classics and students that have to review a live performance as part of a theatre studies or drama qualification. It will supported by top quality marketing and an education pack.

Featuring original live music and stylish ensemble story-telling, the production will be an exhilarating, fun and accessible romp through some of the best of Chekhov’s short stories including The Lady with the Little Dog, The Chemist’s Wife, At a Summer Villa, An Avenger and The Bear.

These wonderful hymns to the absurdity of everyday life, are by turns hilarious, romantic, poignant, odd and memorable. They hold the mirror up to the half-comic, half-painful experience of love and relationships and create a world in which the tender and the grotesque are inextricably linked. Ludicrous situations and larger than life characters abound in an evening that simply cannot be missed

Director and Adaptation : Eliot Giuralarocca

Music and Arrangements : Tom Neill

Production/Set Design : Victoria Spearing

Lighting Design : Charlotte McClelland

Stage Manager : Paul Thomas

Cast : Graham Dalling, Eliot Giuralarocca, Tom Neill, Laura Singleton, Elisabeth Snegir 


⭐⭐⭐⭐ In and Out of Chekhov’s Shorts: The Ups & Downs of Love & Lust

Always Time For Theatre, September 25, 2019

"Eliot Giuralarocca adapts Chekhov’s The Chemist’s Wife, At a Summer Villa, The Lady with a Little Dog, The Bear and An Avenger into a beautifully interweaving set of fleeting tales. Each is tied together by lovers lamenting or lovers swooning and there’s a general sense of fluidity which lends itself to a free-flow of sequencing, with characters appearing and disappearing into various stories. Such lack of reins does lead to a déjà vu sensation at times as the characters and plots take on increasing cross-over but on the flip side, there’s little more pleasing about adaptations than a sense of neat cohesion.

A cast of five bring Chekhov’s muddled characters to life with some great flair for the dramatics and comedy. Graeme Dalling is a particularly winning force on stage and is joined by Elisabeth Snegir as stand out of the production – the cast as a whole are in fact great. Snegir excels as the doe-eyed tragic types, inviting everyone within 100 metres to invest in her lovelorn sighs of discontent. Meanwhile Laura Singleton brings some nice sardonic wit to the table which is gratefully received in what might otherwise be an overly romanticised take on ill-fated love affairs.

Tom Neill too is at his best in comic capacity while Eliot Giuralarocca (who also directs) handles comic and deeply dramatic roles equally well. But it’s in Dalling that we really find the best of both worlds as he brings a certain kind of performative spark to each role he dons – his scenes with sales are a real highlight of this production. Speaking of which, In and Out of Chekhov’s Shorts features some wonderful playfulness in its style, particularly in the second act which sees more physical comedy and larger comic arcs than the first. It does result in some imbalance and the first act would definitely benefit from some more of the flair of the second to bring it up a notch in terms of variety and visual charm.

Musical accompaniment is an excellent strong point with composer and musical director Neill’s work giving the production as a whole a kind of pastoral nostalgia, underscoring segues with lively ditties and offering our characters ample opportunities to sing their heart’s secrets. Snegir benefits immeasurably from Neill’s songs in having the tallest platform for showcasing a sweet Soprano voice perfectly in tune with the natures of her characters.

While there’s nothing particularly outlandish or wildly innovative about In and Out of Chekhov’s Shorts, it does offer up some excellent performances and a combination of stories to enjoy in all their whimsy, wackiness and drama. It’s particularly winning to see such a strong ensemble carry a piece like this so smoothly, cajoling Chekhov’s work into new formations in a playful picture of love and life. So if you’re looking for something of a gentle antithesis to perfect Hollywood love stories, take a punt on this!"

Dragonboy Productions’ In and Out of Chekhov’s Shorts continues to tour until October 24th 2019 and you can find information about venues and dates here.

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Dragonboy Productions provides venues with excellent marketing materials and support including:

• Leaflets and Posters
• Media pack
• Education pack
• High quality press and production photos • Video trailer

• A range of e-shot images
• Advertising through social media
• National press support through PR consultant
• Interviews with cast and director
• Value added activities including Q and A’s, post show talks and workshops

Booking Information

• Available to book Autumn 2019
• Suitable for small and mid scale theatres
• Get-in 4 hours/Get out 1 hour/Same day get-in is possible. 

• The Company consists of 5 performers and 1 crew
• Running time approx 2 hours (including interval)
• See for latest details


For terms and conditions and all enquiries, please contact 

Samantha Warner 

Tel : 07399 706487 

Enquiries and Bookings


Thursday 12th September

Greenwich Theatre 7.30pm

Friday 13th September

Greenwich Theatre 7.30pm

Saturday 14th September

Greenwich Theatre 2.30pm + 7.30pm

Monday 16th September

Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th September

Gatehouse Theatre, Stafford : 7.30pm

Thursday 19th September

Loughborough Town Hall, Victoria Room : 7.30pm 

Friday 20th September

Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon 7.30pm

Saturday 21st September

Bridport Arts Centre : 7.30pm

Tuesday 24th September

Carriageworks Theatre, Leeds 7.30pm


Wednesday 25th September 

Lancaster Grand 1.15pm + 7.30pm

Thursday 26th September

The Riverfront, Newport  7pm

Friday 27th September

Auden Theatre Holt : 7.30pm

Saturday 28th September

Harlow Playhouse 7pm 

Monday 30th September

The Layard Theatre, Wimborne 7.30pm


Tuesday 1st October 

The Hawth Theatre, Crawley 7.45pm

Wednesday 2nd October

Wilde Theatre, Bracknell  7.45pm

Thursday 3rd October 

Wilde Theatre, Bracknell 7.45pm

Friday 4th October

GlassBox Theatre, Gillingham 7.30pm

Saturday 5th October

Capitol Theatre, Horsham 7.45pm

Monday 7th October 

Swindon Arts Centre 7.30pm

Wednesday 9th October

Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 8pm

Thursday 10th October

Rosehill Theatre, Whitehaven 8pm

Friday 11th October

The Old Town Hall Arts Centre, Hemel Hempstead 8pm

Monday 14th October

Shelley Theatre, Bournemouth 7.30pm

Tuesday 15th October

Forest Arts Centre, New Milton 7.30pm

Wed 16th October

Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot 7.30pm

Thursday 17th October

Taliesin Arts Centre, Swansea 7.30pm

Friday 18th October 

Civic Theatre, Chelmsford 1pm

Saturday 19th October

Lighthouse, Poole 8pm

Thursday 24th October

Bathway Theatre, Woolwich 7.30pm